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Zert's Premium Desserts for Dogs 88g

Zert's Premium Desserts for Dogs 88g

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Zert Premium Desserts for Dogs are luxuriously delicious dessert sticks that has been designed and formulated to give dogs that happy moment. Each stick has been carefully crafted based on the most favorite dessert flavors that dogs will enjoy too. Zert Premium Desserts for dogs has no added salt contains real meat and flavors extracted from natural fruits. Zert Premium Desserts will surely bring a very happy experience for your dogs. In Zert we believe that “Living Dogs is a Daily Celebration!” Each pack of Zert Premium Desserts contains 88grams. Zert Desserts comes in luscious flavors:

- Strawberry Shortcake
- Pistachio Gelato

Zert Dentacare is best when refrigerated before giving to your dog. consume within 7 days upon opening.
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