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Zen Clean

Zen Clean Premium Cat Litter Sand 10L

Zen Clean Premium Cat Litter Sand 10L

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Keep your cat happy and your home smelling fresh with Zen Clean Premium Cat Litter Sand 10L. Made from natural organic fibre, this litter is highly absorbent and economical, making it perfect for any cat owner.

Low Dust: Say goodbye to dusty paws and dirty floors with our low-dust formula.

Natural Scent: The litter's natural scent is available in Green Apple, Lemon, Lavender or Coffee to keep your home smelling fresh without any harsh chemicals or perfumes.

Clumping Action: The clumping action makes it easy to scoop out soiled litter quickly and efficiently without wasting clean litter.

This premium cat litter sand from Zen Clean comes in a 10L bag ensuring a shelf life of 24 months. Suitable for all cats regardless of size, this product has been made by the same distributor as Meowtech, Cattitude & Warrior ensuring high-quality standards are met.

Pet Type:Cats < li >Pet Size: Universal < li >Litter Features: Clumping , Odour Control , Highly Absorbent  

Litter Material: Organic Fibre Your furry friend deserves the best; give them a clean environment while keeping your home free from unpleasant odours with Zen Clean Premium Cat Litter Sand!.

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