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Vitapet Goat Milk Powder 400g

Vitapet Goat Milk Powder 400g

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Vitapet Goat Milk is Specifically processed as a nutrition supplement for young puppies and kittens, pregnant or lactating dogs and cat or elderly and recovering from illness.

*For lactose Tolerance 
*Naturally Hypoallergenic
*Easy to digest & Absorb
*Good palatability

Nutrition Value (per 100g)
Protein - 11g
Fat - 12g
Vit A - 283ug
Vit B1 - 120ug
Calcium - 400mg
Taurine - 200mg

Goat Milk Powder, Lactase, Taurine, Glucose, Vit A, Vit B, Vit D, Probiotic.

Mix: 30ml Water for Every 5g Powder

Dosage By Age And Weight:
Age                 1kg             1-2.5kg           2.6kg
1 mo            10-20ml       20-50ml           50ml
1-3 mo         10-30ml       30-60ml          60ml
3 mo+          20ml/kg    <200ml/feed     Mix Into 
Special         20ml/kg     <200ml/feed    food
Cases                                                         Directly
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