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VetSure+ Iron B-Complex Syrup 120ml

VetSure+ Iron B-Complex Syrup 120ml

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Iron B-Complex Supplement is use for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency due to bacterial, Viral or parasitic Infections and post surgical blood loss. it is necessary in dog's diet for the assimilation of proteins and fat

Do Not use iron or ferrous sulfate in pets that are allergic to it. it should be used cautiously in pets with certain blood disorders including haemolytic anemia, hemosiderosis or hemochromatosis and in pets' with gastrointestinal Ulcer

Amount per ml

Ferrous sulfate   50mg
Folic Acid           80mcg
Vitamin B3         4mg
Vitamin B1         450mcg
Vitamin B2         450mcg
Vitamin B6         450mcg
Vitamin B12       5mcg

Dosage And Administration:

For Dogs:
                  Puppies               0.25-0.75ml
                  Small Breed         0.5-1ml
                  Medium              1-2ml
                  Large                   2-3ml

For Cats:
   Kittens                                0.25-0.50ml
   Medium & Large Breed     1-2ml

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