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Pet Story

Pet Story Potty Training Spray 50ml

Pet Story Potty Training Spray 50ml

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1. This product is an inducer for dog defecation training.
2. The principle of a conditioned reflex is used to teach dogs to excrete at a fixed point.
3. It is very healthy and environmentally friendly. It does not damage the olfactory and nervous system of dogs.
4. It is suitable for all dogs and the new dogs owners.
5. It can help you to solve the problem that dog urinates random and make the clean much easier.
Suitable for cats and dogs

Type: Pet Defecation inducer
Features: practical,cat and dog general-purpose product,safe and odorless, and free of pollution
Capacity:50 ml

1. Choose a place for pets to defecate
2. Spray the product to a fixed place (can be used with disposable urine pad)
3. Clean up the place after use and continue to use it next time
4. After repeated training, pets will be familiar with where to defecate

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