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Detick 1cc and 2cc
Detick 1cc and 2cc

Detick 1cc and 2cc

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  • Detick inhibitor function Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) in the fleas. Functioning kills dog fleas, cat fleas, and mites. Suitable for use in dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age.
  • Kill within 24 hours Flea and Tick within 48 hours.
  • Kill Flea to 5 weeks in cats and up to 2 months in dogs.
  • Tick kills up to one month in cats and dogs.
  • Fipronyl work in the central nervous system of insects (flea dogs, cats, mites) which then paralyze insects and eventually death. Detick works not through your pet’s bloodstream.
  • Detick dripped externally on the skin of your pet behind the nape of the neck.
  • The active ingredient fipronil rapidly dissolves into the skin’s natural oils your pet and feathers, spread over the entire surface of the body within 24 hours and concentrated in the oil glands of the skin to form a cistern/reservoir.
  • Fipronil then secreted by the natural oils from the skin and fur, diterusin to your pet’s skin layers and furs for several weeks after application.
  • Before use Detick, the pet should be bathed the first one or two days before use Detick.
  • Use 1cc. (one bottle) for a dog or cat of weight up to 10kg. For a dog or other pet weigh 11-20kg., apply 2 bottles or 2cc. And so on, regarding this method.
  • Open the pet hair on the nape of the neck until the skin is visible.
  • Apply a drop on animal skin starting at the nape of the neck bit by bit on one or two or more where the animal can not lick Detick.
  • Best use it 3 days after showering your pet and keep it away from getting wet, as the formula needs time to spread and activate from under the skin of the whole body.
  • Keep away from children reach.
  • Do not apply to puppies or kittens age under 6 weeks.
  • Do not apply to any pets with recent vaccines
  • Do not overdosage from feeding guide.
  • Recommended dosage is 1x application every 2-4 weeks depending on infestation risk.
  • Do NOT put Detick in any other body part of the pet.
  • Do NOT wash or bathe the dog 3 days BEFORE and 3 days AFTER application. Stripping the dog of their natural oils through bathing reduces the efficacy of Detick.
  • Detick is NOT to be ingested or injected. This is topical medicine to be placed on the surface of the skin only.
  • NOT recommended for puppies below 2 months of age.
  • NOT recommended for pregnant or lactating/nursing dogs or cats.
  • Keep unopened product away from direct sunlight or direct heat source.
  • Suitable for DOGS or CATS only. For ticks and fleas only. NOT for ear mites or any other parasites.
  • Must be used completely when opened.
  • You do NOT need a syringe for application. Just open the cap and poke a hole on the rubber stopper then pour it directly on to the skin in between the shoulder blades.

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Edralyn Bonocan

I accidentally injected detick to my dog