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Vitality Cat Care Cat Food

Vitality Cat Care Cat Food

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 is a complete and balanced cat food formulated to provide excellent nutrition for cats of all lifestages. Boosted with taurine for clearer vision, better heart function, and healthy digestive system, with all the vitamins and minerals needed for your pets growth, boosted with folic acid for normal fetal development of pregnant queen, reduces chances of FLUTD, enriched with essential oils from canola and sunflower seeds, plus arachidonic acid from animal sources for thicker and shiner coat, with YUCCA to reduce urine and faecal odour. Prepared from high quality animal protein and selected wholegrain cereals, CATCARE Cat Food is enriched with vitamins (including thiamine and niacin for cats), and balanced minerals to develop healthy bones and body. A special Omega 6 and Omega 3 oil blend plus arachidonic acid essential for cats is added for thicker and shinier coat. A product of Autralia, CATCARE Cat food was formulated and developed by a team of animal food nutritionists and veterinarians assuring only the best nutritional values for your cat. CATCARE Cat food meets and safely exceeds the AAFCO standards and is nutritionally complete and balanced for all lifestages.

CATCARE Cat Food is a natural product made without artificial colors. Color variation in the kibbles may occur due to the natural seasonal changes in raw materials. This does not compromise the nutritional properties of the product.

Min. Protein 30%
Min. Fat 11%
Max. Fiber 3.5%
Max. Moisture 10%
Min. Calcium 1%
Min. Phosphorous 0.8%

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