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Brit Premium By Nature

Brit Premium By Nature 800g

Brit Premium By Nature 800g

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Brit Premium By Nature 

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No GMO

24 Months

Czech republic

Fussy Appetite, Hypoallergenic, Sensitive Digestion, Weaning, Weight Control

Digestive Remedies, Eye Care, Hair & Skin Care, Hairball Remedies, Hip & Joint Care


Brit premium by Nature Dog wet food 800g
The ideal addition to granules. As a complete food or snack, or to add extra flavour to granules for junior dogs of all breeds. Improves food intake and hydration. Contains chamomile for sensitive digestion, salmon oil, fruit and herbs. Excellent digestibility and exquisite flavour Balanced content of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals No GRAINS–No SALT–No GMOs

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