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Aozi Cat Can Wet Food 430g

Aozi Cat Can Wet Food 430g

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Aozi Pure Natural Organic Food Canned Cat food 430G.

        This product is made of fresh meat that is sterilized in high temperature without any preservatives, so it's delicious, but 
cats cannot be fed too much in order to avoid stomach discomfort.

*Made of high quality ingredients with no preservatives,
*only Pure fresh meat for Naturally Balanced Nutrition
*No Artificial Flavoring
*No Coloring

This is packed with 430 grams of meaty goodness up to the last bite!

This product is suitable for cats of all breeds in two months and above. Feed adult cats of over 2kg 1 can of this product and baby cats at weaning half can. Ready to eat. The leftover shall be reserved in refrigerator.
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